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Winter months are traditionally viewed as not the best for selling or letting your property, but we find, at Pure North Norfolk, that this view can be misguided. 

Because fewer properties come on the market in November and December, this means you have less competition when selling your home on these dark winter days. 

In fact, with new year to Easter being busy times in property now is the perfect time to consider putting your north Norfolk home up for sale.

Here's five top tips for winter selling:

  1. Let there be light. Natural day light is at a premium at this time of year, so make sure if you're planning to market your home, you allow as much in as possible. This means keeping curtains open, windows clean and making sure viewings, where possible, take place during daylight, ideally weekends.
  2. Photos before the decorations. We are all anticipating December and putting up a tree and festive accoutrements - but if you're serious about selling soon, instruct an estate agency in the next few weeks. Christmas decorations can make your home look cluttered and if your property doesn't attract much initial interest, you don't want trees and tinsel on websites, portals and social media in February 2018. If it snows, when your estate agent is out, don't post those exterior photos as again it can blunt a property's appeal.
  3. Tidy your garden. Admittedly, your days of long evenings sipping wine, cooking on a barbecue are memories, but a tidy garden, with leaves cleared from paths and lawns will help viewers visualise those heady summer days. A hollow-tine rake makes for a great free work out too!
  4. Clean the exterior. Make sure doors and windows are clean and well-maintained - a door is the first impression a viewer gets remember whilst they stand there waiting to view. Don't let winter grime deter them in those vital first few seconds. 
  5. Price keenly. A property is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, and with housing stock in short supply in November and December, your price must generate interest. The cheapest estate agent is not the one with the lowest fee, either, it's the one who gets the most for your property, having experience in that area.

There's no reason why a property going up for sale in November or December is at a disadvantage. 

If you'd like to chat more about this, contact one of the friendly team at Pure North Norfolk today.