Instant Valuation

You may remember that Julia in December 2016 featured in a blog post on the Home Owners' Alliance website, predicting property prices based on historic figures and her local knowledge of the peculiar property market of north Norfolk.

We call it peculiar not in a disparaging way, but in a way that shows that some towns and villages of north Norfolk have property prices matching London and the Home Counties, when many parts of Norfolk, particularly east Norfolk, have prices below national averages.

Julia stated that 2016 saw property price increases of 7% in 2016 in north Norfolk and predicted a lower growth of 4% in 2017.

Thus far, she seems to have got this spot on - unless the recent budget with its stamp duty clauses stimulates the local market significantly in December this year.

So what will happen in 2018, we asked Julia?

"There are real signs," said Julia "that 2018 will see a return to the activity of 2016. Philip Hammond set out his stall in the Budget that there will be an extension of help to buy, a commitment for more affordable, social housing and with the waiving of stamp duty for first time buyers, we have high hopes for the coming year."

"There is a real need in north Norfolk for these measures to make a lasting impact - we know that property for sale locally is relatively expensive and when properties come up for rent, there is great demand for them."

"2018 promises to be an interesting year in Fakenham and around," concludes Julia.

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