Instant Valuation

Did you know that we, as a nation, buy 8 million poinsettias a year and like the humble pumpkin, sales spike before Christmas, given its obvious associations?

Well you do now.

Second only to orchids, poinsettias are ubiquitous in supermarkets and garden centres now in an array of alluring colours.

You may have noticed though - that like the even more popular orchid - the poinsettia can wilt before Christmas.

So how do you keep it looking blooming lovely? 

Here's some top tips:

  1. Buy them from a reputable supplier and ideally from indoors, as low outside temperatures at this time of year, can reduce their seasonal longevity. Inspect the plant and its compost carefully - like that turkey, soil needs to be moist, not dry, not sopping wet either.
  2. Display it at home in a bright warm place. Poinsettias are tropical plants that don't like direct sunlight, or draughts as they are used to temperate climates in their native Mexico. 20 degrees is ideal - so don't let it bake or freeze in a conservatory or orangery.
  3. If you want repeat blooms, you have to keep it in the dark. By this, experts say cover the plant or move it to a dark cupboard overnight to stimulate fresh growth. 
  4. Water sparingly and don't forget to feed with liquid fertiliser monthly.
  5. Remove dead leaves daily to stop rotting and encourage new growth.

Have you purchased your poinsettia or hyacinths (another Pure North Norfolk favourite) yet?

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