Instant Valuation

No, Vin Diesel has not turned up at our Oak Street office and marvelled at our location and the view of Fakenham church that Julia posted on social media last week, and, no again, plans to reopen the railway line (could a train be classed as fast and furious anyway?) are still in discussion stage. 

The new film from the franchise has not appeared at the Central Cinema here in the town either but what has been fast, though not perhaps furious, has been Pure North Norfolk's start to 2018.

We are delighted that we are now on page one of Google for various search terms in estate agency around north Norfolk, but online vanity aside, our business as Fakenham estate agents is simple: to sell or let your property as quickly as possible for the highest price.

That's been fast and mildly furious since Christmas. 

You know and we know that rental demand in Fakenham and other towns in north Norfolk remains high.

As soon as a property is listed on this website, our Facebook page, our Instagram feed or tweeted, we get inundated with enquiries.

We even get enquiries about a rental property a potential tenant may be looking for via social media. Recently, an Instagram message resulted in us matching a tenant and landlord in Cromer and a Facebook enquiry resulted in a property being let very fast.

What's delighted us though is that many sale properties are being snapped up quickly when marketed by us, not perhaps Fast and Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds, but within hours and days.

This is a key difference between us and an online estate agency, who you often pay upfront, get no refund if not sold, and whose sales agents get zero commission (and some argue have reduced motivation) when under offer or sold.

The cheapest estate agent in Fakenham, King's Lynn, Wells Next The Sea or Holt is not the one with the lowest fee but the one who sells (or lets) your property quickly at the highest possible price.

Pure North Norfolk are doing just that - so if you or friends and family know anyone looking to let or sell their property across Norfolk, give one of our friendly team a call, a message via social media or an email at any time. We will respond. We will aim to sell Fast. You won't be Furious either with our service and approach.

Call 01328 862222, drop a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through any of our active social media channels or, for an even more personal touch, call in our Oak Street office and you may rub shoulders with Vin Diesel.

Or maybe not.