Instant Valuation

It's not a rhetorical question, no; we promise to give answers to the title's question.

You may be thinking "Here goes .. advice on extending."

But you'd be wrong.

There's money to be made from your property in north Norfolk without lifting a brick or a finger.


Let's be circumspect first and give you some enticing clues.

Holkham - that beautiful hall and that sumptuous beach is a big clue.

No, we don't want you to add an aquarium to your home - like that stream that runs to The Wash which is too good not to paddle in when warm, awash with little fish.

And no, we don't want you to emulate the Palladian style of the 18th century hall, no.

Need another clue?

Or do you already know?

Here goes: Stratford - not the east end one - but the Warwickshire one of bears and bards.

William Shakespeare no less, who died bizarrely on his birthday.

Getting closer to working out how to make money on your property?

Holkham - Shakespeare. 

Right, final clue: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yes, "Shakespeare in Love" had its closing scenes filmed on Holkham beach - read more here.

We'll now kiss and tell. 

Your north Norfolk home could net you between £500 and £2500 a day if it featured in a photo-shoot, film or tv programme. You may even get redecoration done for free.

Admittedly Holkham beach didn't need a makeover for that film - it is one of the finest beaches in the country, but Norfolk has precedents for being used on sets.

Swaffham, for example, featured heavily in Stephen Fry's "Kingdom" and dare we say it, Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge made Norfolk famous (or infamous), filming Alpha Papa around Norwich and Cromer, whilst Kazuo Ishiguru called the main setting "Hailsham" in his 2005 science fiction novel "Never Let Me Go" with its movie being filmed partly in Holkham.

Now this is not a service we're involved with yet at Pure North Norfolk but we know where you can register your interest: JJ Connect can help you.

Visit their website here and if your home does feature, be sure to let us know at Pure North Norfolk!