Instant Valuation

We don't charge you a penny when we come out to value your home for sale or to let, nor do we when we list your property. That makes us more motivated to sell or let your home, because if we don't, we get zero commission. Statistically many of the properties we list sell or are rented quickly. That means as a vendor, you're not reliant on a coin toss.

Let us explain further ...

You will have noticed the growth of online agencies, who feature heavily on tv and radio advertising, and have no physical local presence in the form of a building. Many attempt to gather revenue from listing fees. You decided you're going to sell, they list and you pay upfront.

Now this sector of the estate agency market only accounts for 4% of the industry, but what's more damning, though disputed, is that one of these well-known national online agencies sells just 50% of its listed homes.

You pay £800 plus VAT upfront and if your house fails to sell you lose that money.

Heads you win, tails you lose - the £1000 coin toss.

At Pure North Norfolk, in Fakenham, north Norfolk, we charge a percentage fee, but here's the difference - you pay zero to us when instructed and that means our team will not earn commission until the property goes to exchange of contracts and completion.

We help buyers and sellers every step of the way - because if we don't, we won't get paid.

If we asked you to pick heads or tails and wager £1000 on the outcome, would you do it?

It's a 50-50 gamble.

Or would you prefer to pay a fee afterwards to a local estate agency who is incentivised to see your home through to completion?

The lowest fee, remember, is the paid to the one that gets the highest price for your property.

Pure North Norfolk are the real local property experts and you don't have to gamble with us - if we don't sell your property, you don't pay.

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