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North Norfolk is one of the most expensive parts of East Anglia - prices in some coastal hotspots exceed the Suffolk equivalents of Southwold and Aldeburgh, with many villages near the north Norfolk coast having average prices in excess of £1 million. 

Blakeney, Cley, Brancaster and some of the Burnhams are like this.

Fakenham though remains relatively affordable. 

Okay you're not going to pick up property as cheaply as you can in parts of east Norfolk or west Norfolk, but you can secure a home here for under £130,000.

Needless to say they sell quickly, as a mortgage on a property that price would be lower than renting (providing you can meet the affordability and deposit criteria).

Julia Gooch has this to say:

"Fakenham has a wide range of property prices, lower than other parts of this county and well below the likes of Norwich where a 2 bedroomed home would cost in excess of £200,000. You can, with a keen eye, find some property bargains here and the perceived remoteness of Fakenham has been changed by the opening of the NDR.

"New roads tend to have that impact - we read recently that Attleborough has seen property price spikes after the A11 was dualled. 

"Perhaps we will see the same happen locally with the NDR."

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