Instant Valuation

It's always sad to hear news of troubled estate agencies, particularly today when Connell's announced the closure of Hatched, which they bought three years ago, as an online model. Share prices in one of the biggest pure online estate agents have halved too, which may indicate that house sellers and buyers are realising that a traditional high street agent, with local knowledge of the property market and experience within that market, are the best bet.

You can choose from a plethora of other online agents, who often charge upfront and don't operate a commission structure, which many argue demotivates the online agent from seeing the listing through to exchange and completion. 

Pure North Norfolk don't do that and this keeps us motivated in the sales progression sequence.

If you handed £1000 over to us when we list, knowing that if you don't sell or you change your mind, you probably won't get £1000 back, would you risk it? In an easy selling market, you may be prepared to take that gamble, but given the continuing uncertainty over Brexit and the slowdown of sales in London, is it wise to risk that sort of money now?

We're biased of course, but you know that by listing your property for sale or let with us, with a local team, with a local office on Oak Street in Fakenham, where you can come in and chat, or contact our social media manager via Facebook or Instagram, that we will respond.

Our main interest is not to get the listing, but to help you move. We want you to sell for the highest possible price so that our team at Pure North Norfolk become the cheapest estate agency - as there's zero risk.

We do have a free Instant Online Valuation tool which will give you ballpark figures for sale or let, but more importantly we know the market in Dereham, Swaffham, Fakenham, Holt, West Raynham, Hempton, Sculthorpe and Colkirk because we sell and let properties there.

I f you want to sell or let your home with an agent who knows North Norfolk well, who won't just list to get an upfront fee, with a proven track record across our area, call us on 01328 862222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put us to the test, one we will pass with flying colours.

Or else we don't get paid.