Instant Valuation

It was interesting to read last week an opinion piece in The Guardian that Britain doesn't need more homes - it simply needs homeowners to share their existing space.

This might strike you as utterly preposterous or a highly practical solution to the lack of affordable homes, but there is some logic in it.

Let's look at roads.

You can't help but notice when you travel from your home in north Norfolk to Norwich or King's Lynn the absolute predominance of cars with one occupier: the driver. 

Car share schemes have often been mooted and have seen some success in some places but people still prefer to commute or travel alone in cars. 

It's the argument, perhaps, that we don't need more roads (like the NDR) but fewer cars on the existing roads themselves. 


We don't need more houses but more shared occupation of the existing housing stock.

Now we know, sharing a lift is a little different (or a lot different) to sharing your home. The thought of sharing a kitchen, living spaces with others may fill you with angst - but with the clear shortage of housing stock (just look as evidence to how quickly we sell and let our properties), perhaps it's something we should consider. 

What are your thoughts?

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