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2018 is the year of the Earth Dog.

If you're into astrology or Feng Shui, you may want to read on.


Did you know that we, as a nation, buy 8 million poinsettias a year and like the humble pumpkin, sales spike before Christmas, given its obvious associations?

Well you do now.

Second only to orchids, poinsettias are ubiquitous in supermarkets and garden centres now in an array of alluring colours.

You may have noticed though - that like the even more popular orchid - the poinsettia can wilt before Christmas.

So how do you keep it looking blooming lovely? 

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Winter months are traditionally viewed as not the best for selling or letting your property, but we find, at Pure North Norfolk, that this view can be misguided. 

Because fewer properties come on the market in November and December, this means you have less competition when selling your home on these dark winter days. 

In fact, with new year to Easter being busy times in property now is the perfect time to consider putting your north Norfolk home up for sale.

Here's five top tips for winter selling.

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You may remember that Julia in December 2016 featured in a blog post on the Home Owners' Alliance website, predicting property prices based on historic figures and her local knowledge of the peculiar property market of north Norfolk.

We call it peculiar not in a disparaging way, but in a way that shows that some towns and villages of north Norfolk have property prices matching London and the Home Counties, when many parts of Norfolk, particularly east Norfolk, have prices below national averages.

Julia stated that 2016 saw property price increases of 7% in 2016 in north Norfolk and predicted a lower growth of 4% in 2017.

Thus far, she seems to have got this spot on - unless the recent budget with its stamp duty clauses stimulates the local market significantly in December this year.


How much would an extra bedroom add to a property's value?

Well, that depends.


If you're adding a sixth bedroom it may not add much, but if you're adding a second bedroom to a 1 bed property, the increased value may make it worthwhile.