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"The summer sun is fading as the year grows old,
And darker days are drawing near,
The winter winds will be much colder,
Now you're not here."

We know with temperatures still in the high teens, that winter is hardly close but there is a sense of summer ending and the cooler nights of autumn drawing in.

The team at Pure North Norfolk love this time of year as the golden russet leaves fall from deciduous trees and your garden goes into a sort of slumber.

This may not come as a surprise to you at all, as it's something that has been developing for years - tenants now outnumber home owners across the UK.

At Pure North Norfolk, Fakenham, we've seen this trend emerge over the past decade and we are certain that the fairly even split will, in the future, weigh even more to the side of tenants. 

House prices are high across the UK and especially in our part of East Anglia.

Coupled with stricter mortgage lending criteria, a paucity of property and a lack of mobility from the first time buyer section, renting is only likely to rise as a percentage.

Julia Gooch, our Director, has her own thoughts on this development.

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One question we sometimes get asked by friends and clients is this: as experienced Fakenham estate agents, would you recommend a new build? 


It’s not always a straightforward answer, according to Julia Gooch: 


“The advantages of new builds are obvious: low running costs, everything is new, there’s a 10 year guarantee from the NHBC, and you know, normally, apart from initial snags, that the house will be ready to move straight into, with low winter heating bills. You can often secure good discounts from buying off-plan.”


What are the disadvantages, we asked Julia earlier today.


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If you're of a certain age, we're certain you'll recognise the reference in the title to The Proclaimers, who measured love over 500 miles.

Here, in north Norfolk, however, we don't have such an expanse but we do have 45 miles.

45 miles of some of the best beaches in England, if not globally.

Come now for a metaphorical walk with the Pure North Norfolk along our lustrous coastline.

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Well, summer is done; we're now officially in early Autumn and in 12 weeks, unbelievable we know, we'll be wrapping and unwrapping Christmas presents.

Traditionally too, September has always been a good time to sell, as well as pondering on Hallowe'en, shorter days and Yuletide rituals.

Property owners are often keen to move, to upsize, downsize, relocate, so they can be in their new home pulling crackers and reading jokes to walls that haven't heard them before.

Makes perfect sense, don't you think?

So what can you do if you want to move before Christmas?

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