Instant Valuation

2017 has seen the marketing growth of online estate agents - we say growth loosely as did you know that over 90% of properties are still sold by so-called traditional estate agents, like us, the team at Pure North Norfolk?

Some people in the industry call these online agents "call centre agents" which you or may not agree with - they are called this because when you make an enquiry to sell your property, your most valuable asset, you are put through to a national call centre, who probably know very little about either your property or the area it sits in.

Back to school signs are already festooning shops with just 2 weeks of holiday gone and August is here.

Next September and the long retail countdown to Christmas.

Time certainly flies?

It does in your garden too.

According to national news reports, the First Time Buyer has made a welcome resurgence in the past three years, which is fantastic news for the property market as their re-emergence stimulates property movement further up the ladder.

What's less comforting though is the deposit required for each region. 

East Anglia, as you might anticipate, exceeds the national average deposit a First Timer Buyer needs.

We interview Julia Gooch, the Director of Pure North Norfolk, asking for her views on these latest figures.

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Stamp duty is a lump sum levy that anyone buying a property has to pay and it can be a hugely prohibitive factor when moving. The price you pay varies on whether it's residential or commercial - but for this article we'll restrict it purely to residential and properties in England as many of our readers are based in Norfolk.

We will touch upon what you used to pay before the budget changes in 2014 and what you'd pay now, along with the expert insights of Julia Gooch, the company director, who has been in the industry for over 20 years and is still smiling!

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The media is awash with doom and gloom stories about the current state of the property market: slower growth, slower sales and impending rate rises on mortgage loans, but is this rooted in reality or more of a fiction?

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