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20 years ago, if you'd announced you "worked from home", you'd probably have been greeted with perplexed looks, because with the internet in its infancy, working from home was largely the preserve of tradesmen and women.


Times change though.


More and more people are taking the plunge into freelance and adopting flexible working patterns.


With that home base now being in vogue, many homeowners have latched on to the usefulness of a home office, a study or a bespoke garden room and invested accordingly.

It seems to us that if you're self-employed and freelance, you have three working-from-home options. 


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That title is Saxon you know? Fakenham, with its 150 residents in 1086, means A Fair Place, or Place on a Fair River, and we at Pure North Norfolk are inclined to think this name origin rather undersells the town we serve and work in.

Fa - fair, ken - river, ham - hamlet. 

Makes sense really, with the Wensum wending through town.


Tough question to answer maybe? 

Like asking how long is a piece of string, but it's one we sometimes ponder here in Fakenham, north Norfolk.

The truth of the matter is there's differing opinions on the best parts - but you must have an absolute favourite? 

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This is not a hymn to Cyndi Lauper (shame you may say) but a publication all about "on-trend" colours for your home interiors and garden.

If 1986, the year True Colours (or Colors) was released, was all about the Habitat black ash look, the monochrome shades of New Romantic Music, what is 2017 going to look like?

We reveal the True Colours for this year below:

Property and cars, cars and property - do they mix?

Can we tell what car you drive from the property you live in?

Two questions we're posing in our latest article.

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